Friday, May 22, 2009

life goes on ... eVrovision ...

my friend said i'm a hypocrit, not that he thinks so,
i call it openmindness, but probably i'm just getting old...

so eurovision was a surprise this year (2009), there were many nice songs :
1. Patricia Kaas :
2. Sandra Nurmsalu :
... and some others, but these i liked the most ...

wish you a good night All.

yeah, i'm just getting old.
getting old is not bad it is just complicated.
the question about life is : are we shaping the world or is the world shaping us ?

i will give you all,
if only this is what you want,
until there is nothing to give,
until there is nothing to do.
until the shades of my existence will fade away ...
and when we are all gone, will somebody remember ?
we'll they say we won the battle with evil,
or did evil win, and we did nothing ?

what excuse do we have to stay and lie down in the luxury of our life,
and expect things to be given and newspapers delivered ?
are these the right news or just the one we need to continue with our living ?
and piece by piece we build the puzzle of our life,
strung through the present and dreaming about the future,
trying to forget the shameful past.

so many questions so little time... (until 21.12.12)

will i be able to educate the feeling of beauty in my children, as i was educated,
will i be able to offer at least the same i was offered ?

fight, shape urself and the world around you ...

change urself and others will follow ...

if i had the time to change the world, then the world could change me,
but i have only the time to change myself and hope that the world will follow ...

Many thanks to Nicola Tesla for the world we are living now ...
Many thanks to Albert Einstein for understanding the untouchable ...
Many thanks to Steven Hawking for he proved us all that he is the strongest in the whole world, for the power of the spirit can not be stopped by the walls, and the walls will break where spirit will touch.
Many thanks to V for the Idea, and the truth he taught us, that the idea is strong, and the bullets cant kill the idea, and in the end the Idea will kick many bastards ass, and all these scums will be buried under the history's sand, but the idea will live in our hearts, for what we are, for what it is ...

wish you a strong spirit.

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k1ba said...

for those who never try, they are sure to fail. time is all you have and it's never too late. as long as we're alive, we can achieve happiness. buddha said, buddha did.