Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Oh, V,
everybody's broken, it is our attitude towards it that makes us different,
some just ignore it, others are drowning in it (maybe it is my case).
You say people are attracted to more unbroken/happy people,
i dont think so, i think we are attracted to people that can heal our scars or we can heal theirs.
You say happiness should come from inside,
cause the outside world will not offer you anything,
i agree but i also say dont be afraid to open, be true to ur heart.
If you are reading this, it means you are broken (though the degree may vary),
if you were not broken, the greater force of the universe wouldn't made you read this crap.
Or you know how they say :
if you read this then you are broken,
if you don't read this you still are broken,
if you are thinking are you broken or not then you are.
if u are not broken then i guess u know it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

to buy or not to buy a used lens on ebay ?

so here is 1 experience with ebay used lens (i am sure that you can find very nice used lens on ebay, i got 1 good at least)

but i will talk here about not so good experience :
so i needed a wide f 2.8 lens
so i was bidding / watching and i got a
24 mm AF 2.8 Nikon,
as amazon states it costs 400$,
now i paid on ebay 120$ (and because i was watching too many i havent noticed that aperture is not working)

then the fun part started, well it has to be serviced, wtf i consider myf((*self an engineer so not service this little mf
so got the screwdrivers 15$
then i broke a screw on the lens, basically i needed to the thing described here : http://shimonmor.com/TEMP/20mmlensrepair.html

so then i got :
dremel 70$
dremel bits 15$
lubricant 10$
pliers kit 10$
and kinda 8 - 10 hours in total
also it required to clean the aperture blades cause they were oiled and this was causing the not closing.

so i got a used lens for 250$ and well lesson learned, read the descriptions more carefully.