Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Miele s5280 babycare baby care ...

Do you know what day was yesterday ? It was Miele's day.
Yesterday we were forced to buy a new vacuum cleaner (because our 1.5 years old Black and Decker died unexpectedly 5 weeks ago). Anyway i read so many reviews and user reviews and ratings that i just had to made a post in my blog about this.
So yesterday we finally made it ( found the courage to pay for Miele with Hepa filter and AntiAlergic head ), here on Cyprus it was 280 euro.
Well the first impressions are positive. Strong points : - Very silent - Very good suction - Hepa filter - AntiAlergic head to detect floor cleanliness - rubberized body - made in Germany - stainless steel tube - doesn't look like a starship ( compared to Dyson ) Weak points : - initial price - bag price - wish it was wet resistant anyway only positive thoughts until now, it is a piece of very good engineering, will keep on updating ...

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