Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My life and eBay ...

ah ebay, the next best thing ...

so many interesting things to have
(but wait Buddha said that wanting things is bad...)

anyway it is been 1 month since i am browsing eBay, and the only thing i can say is that i have seen many interesting things there. (eBay is one of the reasons i want posting my blog since 3 months)

Really i get the feeling that eBay brings the people together (or maybe it is a gambler's addiction). Anyway i just want to say that i have bid, and that i will bid more in the future.

So what i have learned :

On eBay you can find items that you cant find any other way.

There are people that make their living on eBay.

You must have a strategy to do the bids (some people are bidding in the last 1-5 seconds and they take the bid away from you).

You must be patient the items to arrive to you.

Anyway on eBay you can get a good deal or you can "get f***ed at the used car lounge".

more about eBay soon ...

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