Tuesday, December 2, 2008

why nokia will fail ...

Nokia the big mobile company, has been loosing ground the last years to other companies (HTC, Apple, Samsung...)
... So why ?
I think it is their wrong strategy to not make a good phone. Nokia is a big company has many design departments and each its phone products, they even have different operating systems (S40, S60, S80).
So the problem for nokia is to keep those departments working, cause each department develops its own phone model line. So if nokia has 2 phones A and B, the company will forbid to the department designing A to make it the "perfect" phone, cause who will buy the "not so perfect" B.
So this marketing strategy is totally different from Apple's strategy, i'm not a fan of apple, but at least they know what is marketing.
So an advice for nokia is to get a new marketing team, cause the current one lives with the glory days of the past, but the past is long gone and it is not comming back.
So why nokia will fail, cause i don't get it?
The world has changed, the strategy doesn't work anymore, other companies has found strategies to overcome nokia strategy. Also nokia is slow in innovation.
Ex : N95, N82, N800, N810 : are all devices based on 3 year old design, i'm talking about the core the TI OMAP 24XX architecture that was designed in 2004. TI released the OMAP 3 architecture almost one year ago (beginning 2008), and still no product announcements.
Yes nokia makes good phones, but today's users want more than just a phone with features, they want features with phones, so start moving forward nokia, start moving!!! Wish you better results in 2009 Nokia. and a couple of hours later they showed the N97 in Barcelona :

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