Sunday, December 28, 2008

nokia 5800 unboxing photos

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Hello dear All,
finally I managed to get my hands on a device (bought one, just before the Christmas)
the box
Tha packaging is satisfying it contains :
  • phone case
  • phone stand
  • this thing (that could or could not be used as stylus in some cases)
  • headphones
  • USB cable
  • video cable
  • 1 spare stylus
  • and the phone
    ( the stereo speakers, top left and top right )
  • Li-Ion battery 1320 mah
    ( under the battary is the "Made in China" message )
  • 8GB microSD (left is the microSD, adn the SIM in the right)

so this is it, if somebody needs more pictures, please make a request.
The build quality is good, it is plastic and it is light, and it feels nice in the hand. With the time we will see how it handles the scratches, one thing is sure now, it gets dirty from the hands.
The touch-screen is very responsive, and the haptic function (feedback, it vibrates on click) creates a very nice feeling. So using the querty keyboard in full-screen mode is very easy.
Pros :
* Good build quality
* Good screen resolution and touch interface
* Good storage access speed in USB storage mode: 1.5MB/s for writing, a little more for reading.
(there are other good things about this phone but i will concentrate myself on the flaws)
Cons :
* no software base for this device
* no native .avi support
* 3.2 mpx camera has bellow average quality (the colour saturation is missing)
* lack of joystick
* no compatibility with software for S60 for Symbian 9 ed. 3 (aka N95 and compatibles)
The worst problem is however the software base. It doesn't matter how long nokia is claiming openness they still dont have it. The software store (Menu->Download) contains around 14 software that are said to be free for download and after they install, all of them require license. As google said it is all about software and if nokia doesn't learn it, it is doomed.
Also it seems very strange cause Maemo platform has a good software base, and they make development with compatibility in mind, i guess that their project manager has a better view.
It is very disappointing that after so many years of software development for S60, the good old software that once worked have to be thrown away cause it doesnt work on new Symbian version.
I can say just one thing, this is a mistake, and they will face consequences.
I would gladly install Maemo on this phone, if only there were a solution for this.
more will follow...

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