Tuesday, December 9, 2008

DNA programming ...

So here i am a, mediocre c/c++/java programmer grasping knowledge to understand the puzzles of linux, and of how stuffs are made in computing. But all this seems a little small when compared to programming life. Life which should be a program too, and we a re its execution units. Here we are solving some kind of problem, nobody knows it, or at least i don't know the question of live, purpose and its problem.
And here is a video about how life is programmed, and are we really ready to start coding in the LIFE.
Paul Rothemund can design DNA molecules that fold up into complicated two-dimensional shapes
More interesting stuff on bio-programming :
  • Endy gives talk on DNA programming paper   video
  • Smart DNA: Programming the Molecule of Life for Work and Play paper
And now a question for the involving one: why are we programmed with such a small life span ? 100 years is not the natural limit. Something is wrong here.

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