Monday, October 12, 2009

what is life

so what is life after all ?
after reading "A brief history of time" by Stephen W. Hawking you get the idea that life is part of the universe, and that there is more in this universe.
so the idea i want to say about is the following :
imagine the world is the battlefield of between order and disorder, and each living "things" fights by one side or by the other, and the forces that are guiding the "everything" are so deep inside every living "things", that there is no escape.
Imagine Order (aka life) : imagine a horde of bacteria that takes some primary mater and create complicated structures (copies of itself) and thus it brings order, then the bacteria die and it is decomposed by the sun rays, humidity, ... other stuff, and this creates disorder.
so as Hawking said in his book the chaos in the universe is growing (also he named the chaos : entropy, and that this is the 2nd law of thermodynamics ).
So what was i talking about ?
there are forces of order and chaos inside me that are fighting over me.
and just the like inside we have to choose our side in a bigger world, and then we have to scale this even further, and again and again ...
hopefully i will update this soon. good night for now (if anybody is reading).

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