Thursday, August 27, 2009

vlc subtitles video

So in the last time i was playing a with vlc (working actually) so here i got a few tips and tricks for all:
  • Stream a file over the network in realtime using multicast:
    vlc file.avi :sout-all ":sout=#std{access=udp{ttl=1},mux=ts,dst=}"
    Then you can open it with :
    vlc udp://@
  • Adding .srt subtitles to a video , hardcoding subtitles, burning subtitles :
    Note that burning subtitles require encoding the video, so you may loose quality.
    vlc file.avi :sub-file="" :subsdec-align=0 :freetype-rel-fontsize=16 :sout-all  \
    Note that you specify codec here :
This was tested under linux, for windows it should also work.

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