Tuesday, October 9, 2012

to gentoo or not to gentoo

So last time i tried to install gentoo a couple of years ago, and there was no point at doing it (at least this is what i used to think), now i'm installing it for about a week (a few hours a day).

So what happened : i happens to e that i'm one of those old guys who hates unity, gnome 3, kde and i just wanted to find a platform to move away from ubuntu 10.04.

so here are my conclusions about all this :
* it is a nice experience to compile all the system (the most part of it anyway)
* didnt benchmark yet, but i guess there should be some improvements
* vdpau ???
* experience with distcc and ccache
* gentoo does have very good documentation and almost every problem you encounter is already described somewhere
* the a few problems you encounter makes you develop problem solving skills if you have any :)

if everything goes well there will 2 more gentoos in my home network :)

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