Saturday, June 26, 2010

love and other disasters

what the fuck is love about ?

i guess we should depict 2 different aspects
1. loving somebody
2. falling in love

To love somebody it is important, that means you care about people, and if you have some luck the other people care about you. So it is a really nice thing, you help each other , you learn to rely on each other, you make favors, you feel pain when the loved people feels pain, you share you life with your love ones (family/friends/whatever). So it is simple : love is about sharing the life, and if you are lucky it is gonna be full duplex.

Now what the fuck is falling in-love ?
personally for me it like a fucking disease, infection, it comes and shakes you world and you feel, well ? ;/? fucked.
well this happens to me like once in 3 years, at least it happened 3 times in 10 years :), so there is this feeling that coming from the deeps, and it is telling you do it, go talk to her. It is whispering always something, and the fucking brain is paralyzed, this new process is eating all your cpu/resources., and you are feeling like "the girl from Shopaholic", and you are asking yourself :
- do i need it ? do i need it ? do i need it ?

then there comes the phase number 2 : when you tell yourself :
- i don't need it, i don't need it

what happens next is you try to open your cards, and it feels like you are begging for something. but no one loves the beggars.

well i'm saying this, cause it just happened the same scenario with me, so i guess i had to say something, anyway nobody is reading my blog.

yep so i'm stating that falling in love is some kind of disease, one that everybody wants to experience and i wish you all : have a nice experience at least once.