Monday, December 7, 2009

wdtv wd tv live

So i received a wdtv live, i needed a media player from long time ago. the choice was between asus o!play(100$) and wd tv live(120$). i picked wdtv live because of the ram 256 vs 128. here are some pictures of it :
modding :
so this is what i found so far:
  • firmware for wdtvlive (internal flash) (Note : you have to take the wdtvlive firmware and not wdtv (wdtvlive.ver file present), otherwise the box will refuse to flash) link and info.
  • optware support not available at the moment (wdtv is supported, hopefully in time there will be support for wdtvlive) link and info.
  • ext3 hdd based firmware (for more advanced users) link and info.
  • debian.
benchmarks :
harddisk speed :
  • hddparm returned 15mb/s read
  • Samba gives up to 7mb/s read

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