Friday, February 6, 2009

Tribute to Isaac Asimov

In last 6 months i read a little less than 10 of his books :
The foundation series ( 7 books ), The Gods Themselves ...
The series explain how the human society can be simulated with mathematics : it just takes a lot of time to define the rules, patterns, and the initial values. Than the society is easily simulated more or less. In the end the author tells us that it is able to simulate it less cause : if we already live in a simulation then every simulation that we create and is less than the initial simulation will not be a complete simulation. Anyway all our deeds are logged, and everything is remembered. And we are controlled. So how will they control my wishes you say ? They already do : advertising. This is a multi billion business (and science) that is designed to control the masses wishes. The simulation is here to stay. Probably in the simulation there are some unconscious factors that are somehow genetically controlled and that are the reason our life is limited to 75 years.
To break free from the simulation : this is not a new trend (it is marketed for at least 50 years) or maybe I'm wrong.
So the question is : are there intelligent creatures on the moon that spy on our lives and experiment on us ?
So who are we? Are we really personalities or not ? Well i'm afraid i am not the personality i wished i was.
It is strange how people live their lives in content. Somehow i cannot find the peace in me. I wish i could did more, yet i cannot do it. I don't have the control on me to do the things i would like to do. I always knew what i should do, or what i could do, i just didn't dare enough. How to win this battle ? How do people win this battle. What can i say to the world ? More question than answers.
Anyway the way Asimov wrote is just amazing, beautiful mind is the expression. Here you can find more if you wish If you ever decide to read something don't hesitate, and even if you don't you should still read him, try "The end of Eternity", very romantic.
When i read things like this i understand that the human mind is a beautiful thing and in life there is more than greed, corruption, war, hate, misunderstanding, disbelief, and greed again. Let's read of the better world so can build it. Good people wrote good books that deserved to be read, they spend their lives in imagining a better world, a world that can be built, we still have the power to participate at its building. Wish you all the best luck in making you life the way you want and to succeed.
right thinking, right talking and right doing.
start today so you can enjoy tomorrow.

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